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Come Sail With Us

Whether it's getting the skills to race internationally or to have a sail on a Saturday in a relaxing environment - Southern Cross is for you !

Currently we sail:

Saturdays from 11:00 am at the end of the dam wall.

We sail 3 classes: R10R and a modified East Coast 12, week about, but mostly we have a mixed fleet - works well.

From 2023 we are starting the DF65 class as an introductory boat - they can be purchased on-line or through hobby shops at a reasonable place.

Radio Sailing - What is it?

With a 2 channel radio control transmitter we control steering and a winch or

servo motor to control the sails.

Using the power of the wind, like full size yachts, we race around a course of

marker buoys. We use essentially the same racing rules as the full size boats.

Skill comes with reading the wind, racing tactics, and not making mistakes.

Our Club

We've been racing R10R model              yachts at Walka Water Works for 23       years now. A big fleet is a great            spectacle on the dam.                          

Look at Our Club for more information.


Walka Water Works (now Walka Recreation and Wildlife Reserve) was built as the first formal water supply in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia. See the Walka page for more information.

Racing Yachts

There are quite a number of radio controlled racing yachts. Some are recognised and raced internationally. Radio sailing is a division of World Sailing the governing body for the sport of sailing.

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