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Racing Model Yacht Classes

Let's see what's sailed in Australia

International Racing Classes

Marblehead   -   R10R   -   East Coast 12m   -   A Class   -    International One Metre


Footies  -  DF 65  -  Windwarriors  -  DF 95  -  Lasers  -  Soling 1 Metre -   Wee Nip


Sailed Overseas


Catamarans  -  Scale  -  6 Metre  -  Bottle Boats  - J Class

Ten Rater (R10R)

The 10 Rater is considered by us to be the epitome of the racing classes. It is an experimental class so changes can be made within the class rules.

This class handles all weathers extremely well, particularly if the skipper has multiple rigs (sets of sails).

We have sailed in dead calm winds to howling 50km per hr gales.


The M or Marblehead Class, sometimes called the "50/800", is a medium size high performance development class. It's original concept in the 1930's was to produce the largest model that would conveniently fit in the standard American car of the time. The class is a development class with the main restrictions being a hull length of 50 inches and a sail area of 800 square inches. The class has been highly developed over the years to produce a high performance model that can be sailed in a wide range of conditions, assuming the owner has the appropriate rigs. Today's M weighs around ten pounds and carries an 85 inch rig in most conditions. The hull and rigs tend to use advanced materials and techniques.

International One Metre (IOM)

The International One Metre class was created by Jan Dejmo, with the support of Graham Bantock and the Permanent Committee of the ISAF-Radio Sailing Division, and adopted by ISAF-RSD in 1988. The intent was to pull together a variety of "One metre" class rules from different countries, and provide for a common, restricted, inexpensive international class of stable, easily-built designs. The result is the most popular RC racing yacht class in the world.

The class has enjoyed such success because competitive IOMs can be built by an ordinary modeller at home, and due to the class restrictions competitive boats remain competitive for a number of years.


IOM designs.

In addition to performance factors, the class rules explicitly restrict certain materials and construction methods in order to keep the class inexpensive and able to be built by an amateur builder. Radio control is restricted to two channels. Appendages and sails can be made of any material. A competitive boat can be built at home.

A Class

The A is the largest and most graceful of the R/C yacht classes. The class is based on a similar formula to that used by full size 5.5 metre yachts. Length overall can vary between 1.65 and 2.3 metres (65-60 inches), and weigh between 11.3 and 23kg (25- 50lbs).


Average weight is now around 13.6kg (301b) and it can easily be handled by one person. Most As can be transported in a medium to large car. The A class is a popular class in many states and is large enough to handle any conditions.

East Coast 12 Metre

The East Coast 12 Metre is based on a 1962-63 vintage design for a full-size International 12 Metre. This medium-sized yacht's hull must be initially

purchased from a licensed builder. Decks and sails are strictly controlled, but

may be purchased or made from scratch. Almost all other equipment is up to the owner. Approx 58" long.

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