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The Ten Rater Class

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The International Ten Rater has a well-deserved reputation for speed, beauty and close racing. The Ten Rater is a formula development class. This means that the class is open to new ideas in construction and design within a simple formula which also allows a wide range of size and shapes to compete evenly without the need to specify limits on length or sail area.


These factors make the class unique in RIC yachting.

The class is sailed in all Australian States and all have annual State                                                                                      championships.  Most States also have a program of inter-club regattas,                                                                             including scratch and handicap racing events. The Australian Championships are held each year, with each state taking it in turns to organise and run the event. The World Titles in this class are held every three years.









The Ten Rater class has been active as a model class since 1893. The class was originally based on the full-size "Rater " class of the time which were designed to the Dixon Kemp "Length I Sail Area" rule of 1887. Although the full-size class only survived for a few years, the model Ten Rater has been active continually, and has been an international class since 1932. The Ten Rater is currently one of the most popular international classes and is raced in 22 countries around the world.


Many of the major developments in model and full-size yacht design such as volumetric hull balance, Americas Cup style multi keels and vane steering systems were originally developed in the Ten Rater class.


Today the class is still one of the most advanced technically, with many yachts being designed using computers and utilizing advanced materials in their construction.



The current formula is:

Waterline Length * Sail Area, multiplied by 8 (all in metres) = 10

LWL(m) * SA (sq m) * 8 = 10

Whilst there are a few other do's and don'ts, this basic formula allows a wide range of                                            waterlines and hull shapes, but produces yachts that are extremely close in speed, through a wide range of conditions. Provided they are properly maintained, and have good sails, yachts have a long competitive life. It is not unknown for yachts up to 15 years old to still be winning handicap events against the latest designs.

The latest rules are administered by the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) an affiliated member of World Sailing which is the world body for all sailing. The IRSA is responsible for formulating class rules, promotes the class world-wide, and allows owners direct input into the development of the rules in the future.


The Yachts


Currently Ten Raters are between 4 5-6 kg (10-13 lb) and 1.4-1.65 metres                                                                      (55-65 inches) length overall.


Examples are the GothiX and Phoenix 5 and 6 series of Frank Russell design,                                                                   Peter Coleman designs, Iona from plans from the US.


Although any number of rigs are allowed to be carried, usually 2 -

the 100% and 80% are recommended for Club racing, and usually a 3rd,                                                                              the 90% is carried for major competition. 60% and even 40% storm rigs are known to be carried, enabling the yachts to be sailed successfully in 40+ knots of wind.


Modern Ten Raters are built from light strong materials, usually carbon fibre and Kevlar. However, there have been successful, balsa planked and ply­ wood hulls produced.


There are plans available of successful yacht designs available for those wishing to build from scratch.


Ten Raters use the same radio gear, winch and fittings as other RIC yachts, so if you started in another class, you are able to swap to a Ten without that outlay.


New and Second-Hand Yachts.


Ten Raters come in a range of prices. Second hand yachts can be purchased. This is the best way to enter the sport as they can be resold without much trouble or financial loss to update or exit the sport.


New yachts vary in price according to the specifications, source and what can be done by the owner. Other than the initial outlay, there are virtually no on­ going costs, apart from Club membership and race fees and charging your batteries.


For the availability of 2nd hand yachts and information, please contact: -


Southern Cross Model Yacht Club Inc


 Paul Godwin               President (02) 4932 8948



Bruce Sands               Secretary (02) 4929 3029


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