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And Now, Making Us Internationally Famous



Just to let you know, a while ago the Club was contacted by the Youth Activities Officer for a library and youth centre in York, in Maine USA, to advise that our site was used to discuss the hobby and activities that could be used in a display planned for their attendees.

One of their student volunteers had seen and recommended a link that showed a really neat timeline. It compares the size of passenger ships from 1831 to today. I thought other modelers would like to see and compare pictures of the real ships! 


In 2021 were asked to host a group of foster children and their carers on a picnic day, which we agreed to, however Covid 19 and the asbestos closure of the site, got in the way.


Forward to 2023, and we had our second international contact with a legal firm in the USA sending us a link to issues of water safety.

Southern Cross takes water safety very seriously, whit a number of Club rules. 2 people always on the site if the rescue boat is to be used - on the bank. A personal floatation device (life jacket) must be worn if the rescue boat is used.


Just recently in 2024, we were contacted by the childrens librarian from Fullers Library in the United States. 

Our site "has been such a major help with a young gentlemen I'm currently assisting. His name is Ethan and he's working towards earning his Model Design and Building Merit Badge for Boy Scouts. While using the library's computer for research, we stumbled upon your page, and found it to be a great source of information to meet badge requirements from! Thank you so much!  Ethan also had the fantastic idea of passing along another resource to you that he discovered. It's and it's all about RC boating filled with tons of additional resources. He learned a ton from it, so he hoped it could do the same for others using your page." 

Now that we are operating again, and with a new committee there is a positive atmosphere and fun sailing.

We are now waiting on Council approval to install a container on the site where we sail. This will allow us to store our new rescue and weed scooping punt and with solar power, charge the boat battery along with radio gear. There will be enough space for all our spare marker buoys, gazebo, a "club" boat or two. Cant thank the Council enough.

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